I don't lable myself as a "wedding photographer" and I also don't carry high prices like one either, but my experience carries a lot of weight in the the area and I enjoy doing them as well.  Like my usual events I go for the fun candids, the atmosphere, the settings, and mix in the traditional shots with family members for you to recapture your special day.  Whether it's a small intimate backyard party or the grand resort wedding, I can mix in with many occasions you can think up of.  Special occasions are geared for private parties that are invite only, start with our standard rate, then select the additional options you desire for your own customized photo package that will be your treasured investment of lasting memories with family and friends.
Event Photography Services

The flagship of what I personally enjoy doing and famous for.  I have even created a trendy website for servicing all my nightlife adventures.  Even though my career in photography all started by accident, I'm gratefull for all the events I have been trusted with to capture the energies of the crowd and providing lasting memories for my clients.  Some events include:  Nightclub Promos, Golf Tournaments, Award Shows, Company Events, Fashion Shows, Yacht Parties, College Football, Car Shows, School Activities, Community Outreach, Holiday Events, Celebrity Parties, Sporting Events, & College Activities to name a few, but more importantly whatever your next event is and you want a great photographer to be there for you to captured it all.

Throwing an Epic Party on the town or in your private mansion!  Your definitely going to need an Epic photographer.
This photographer doesn't miss a beat, check out a few sample photos from "Champagne Massacre 2" when the GM at Hi Fi Kitchen and Cocktails throws another epic birthday bash. You too can get all your memories collected and digitally preserved when you have a great super fantastic photographer.

Sample photos from over 500 completed events
Nightlife photos- quick, energized, candids capturing the moment in all its raw form. 

More random events from fashion shows, elementary celebrations, car shows, zombie walks, professional meetings, UA events, charity events.


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