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Ladies, let's talk.  So you want fun, flirty, or maybe even risque photos of yourself that shows off your body at its best.  There may come a time where you want to capture a more intimate side of yourself but don't know who to turn to. For whatever reason whether you'd like to do a photo shoot for yourself just because you found that perfect bikini or lingere set and it looks great and makes you feel superfantastic, or you may be thinking to surprise your significant other with some risque photos for their birthday, valentines day, or maybe because they are in the military and missing you, or maybe you want to enter a contest online to win some cool stuff, or maybe your looking to add to your modeling portfolio with some sexy body shots.  Whatever the reason ...oh and new boobs, another reason, whether it's personal or business, give me a call to set up your custom photo shoot that will turn heads your way. 
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